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It's almost summer, the best time for the wedding ceremonies =)
In this post, I just want to talk about kind a modest wedding dresses..

First dress can be used as a dress too, but when I saw the elegance of the lace, and the nobility of white I
ascribed it to a wedding dress :)
With this Drenusha Xharra designed dress it can be possible
to look in a great harmony with a boho-style wedding ceremony..

With this one suit, it seems that this bride does not like so much bridal things :)
Joking apart, it can be suitable for brides who don't like wedding ceremonies, or for the ones
who would get married twice or more..
Again with classic and fit cutting Drenusha Xharra designed suit,
it can be possible to look so cool and elegant..

There are lots of options for hair accessories nowadays.. It is important to find the
best design with the best price :)
I prefer to combine the both looks with @burcuinstyle's handmade accessories..