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Time is up for summer :(
It is so sad but the fact is; summer has gone away so fast again..
Anyway lets try to cheer up ourselves by looking new season trends :)

I decide to start fall season trend researches by looking Zara's new collection.
Likewise, it is the biggest retailer, so it heads the trends, even the collections are mostly
copied from luxury brands..

Let's start with work styles of 2017 fall season;
Certainly, we need to work to buy new goodies :)
It seems that two-pieced suits going to be so trend, alsa it will be possible to variate them with tartans and degaje cuts.

Nomad style seems to be another fav trend for especially street styles.
Zara blend nomads' loose style with luxury fabrics as velvet and satin.
Honestly, I really like this style :)

Here are some trends for minimal lovers.
Two pieced oversize outfits as pyjamas are interpreted with minimal lines..
By the way, as we see in mostly pictures, shades of yellow as mustard and saffron are going to be fav too!

Finally here are some warm colored outfits.
Which are going to remind us sweet summer sunsets :)