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Here is a new peaceful cafe, just in the middle of gorgeous bosphorus; Kavanoz Cafe.
We had great time with girls in this place..
Ok, I agree, it is not so much interesting thing to have such natural style anymore, even so we like this place.
At least the decoration was cool.

The meaning of "Kavanoz" is jar in English, so the cafe was decorated with jars in everywhere..
In fact the tea was presented inside of jars.
So if you are asking me did I like that idea; honestly not...
Because I am tea lover so it was so hard to have a joj in that way of presentation.
The menu was quite successful, there were so healthy traditional dishes and we really liked them.
But it was a deficiency to present tea through the teabags, especially in a such traditionally decorated place.

Sake aside, if you got bored from crowded and fancy places; here is an option..
Wish you a joyful and peaceful time!! :)