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I want to thank my huuge family for making my engagement such valuable!
How interesting thing is to see your family getting bigger and bigger..
There are more aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers as well :)
So that is why I want to thank each person for being with us!
But mom and dad, thanks for your presence, bro and sis, for being my other half, friends, for creating
such a valuable sisterhood... I am so glad to have you..
Love you all..

Let's cut the cackle and start to tell about the details :)
For gifts, I wanted to chose something different and suddenly I saw these mica bowls and I was inspired; a couple of years ago
I had seen a macaron recipe of chief Deniz Orhun's cookery program. She was telling how recipe were special because ,
it was chosen for invitations of Kate Middleton and Prince William's marriage. The idea to giving macarons to guests had impressed me.
So I decided to put macarons inside those mica bowls.. I've tried many macarons and finally made my decision on Pelit.
I want to thank Sema for helping me for labels and special thanks to Türkan for making such a beautiful knots..

There were other gifts as well, dear Elif made floral magnets for guests, also she made a crown and bouquet for me, she really touched me..
Final gift was from my mom, she bought towels for the guests, the reason of this was a tradition of Yılmaz's family.
They are Bosnian and they came with a convoy, so we had to gave them towels as a gift, at the end of night..
Finally here are my beautiful flowers that were came from Yılmaz :)

For the details of ceremony I took a great care :)
We present turkish coffee with rectangle plates, which were bought by my sister for her engagement. There were three parts, on first we place coffees,
on the second I had bought some special turkish delights from Malatya Pazarı and on the third one we present a drink, which I made with dried roses,
that I had bought from Arifoğlu, and natural colorants.
For the tray which our rings were placed, I wanted to made my own design. I bought a stump tray and made the design below with the help of Ezgi and Metin..

Recently I fell in love with "Naked Cakes". So I wnat to thank @butikpastadunyası for making
me such a naturel cake. Also special thanks to Sinem who brought the cake through a stressful road :)
Other thing that makes the cake special was the copper tray below it.
That was my grandmama's motherinlaw's tray, which sembolize my family roots.
Also here are some special drinks such as Sangria, lemonade and detox water which were made by my besties; Gresa, Hazal and Vigan

If I have to tell about the organization firm that I had arranged through armut.com, was really terrible. I don't want to talk more about them! (Uğur Çekiç organization)
Actually the cones below we had garnished for other purposes but there were no ornaments in the middle of the table, thanks to the organization firm,
so we decided to use them with flowers inside. Finally breads were garnished with labels and rosemaries for each guest..

Here are the photos of my supertalent hairdresser Evren and makeup artist Saliha whom I met recently..

By the wayy.. Mom and dad; I am so glad to have you!!! Thanks a lot for your love, support and existance..