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About Me

I’ve born in Prishtina / Kosova at 1989, and I’ve been living in Turkey since 1992.
After my high school education at Istek Kasgarli Mahmut High School, I’ve registrated Beykent University and graduated from Mathematics – Computer.
At the same time I've finished Management Information Systems too.

Since 2012 I've been working at Turkish Economics Bank as a software developer.
Also in 2012 I have graduated from Pedagocical education at Yildiz Technical University. After all I've concentrated deeply in fashion and image.

Exactly I was always interested on fashion and image. But academically I had an opportunity to finish San Francisco Fashion Stylist Enstitute Image Consulting certification at 2014.
During this period I am still trying to improve myself as an image consultant, concurrently with this I've started blogging about fashion so here I can share my Daily style and would try to give little informations about appropriate image.

I hope that, it would be a website that all of you would have enjoy while reading my posts :)